ORGLIST operated between 1997 and 2010, as the international mailing list of organic chemistry on the Internet. It was founded by J. Aires-de-Sousa in March 1997 with a group of users from a previous mailing list that had stopped operating.

During that period, hundreds of chemists from all over the world gathered in ORGLIST to discuss Organic Chemistry. A web site was created from the beginning with practical information and was revamped in 1999 to incorporate an archive of posted messages and a search engine for easy and sophisticated searches through the archives.

Useful content as well as a complex thread of personal relationships emerged from the interaction of the members through this simple technological framework.

For more information please visit the ORGLIST web site at
or see J. Aires-de-Sousa, "An Electronic Discussion Forum for Organic Chemistry - the ORGLIST Case", Internet Journal of Chemistry, 1999, 2.

The 10 years of ORGLIST were celebrated scientifically in 2007, with a symposium on "Computers at the frontiers of Organic Chemistry" held in parallel with the 7th National Meeting of Organic Chemistry of the Portuguese Chemical Society, on July 17, 2007.